Secret Sauce

Secret Sauce

It’s interesting to observe and hear how it seems that so many agents, during crucial conversations, tell customers what they think the customers want to here rather than what they need to know. That approach hardly ever leads to a successful outcome—for a buyer or a seller, let along the agent. And it’s very flawed, because if one would really listen, one would clearly hear that in reality most buyers and sellers are practically begging their agents for good, honest, sound advice. They really do just wish agents would level with them and tell them what they actually need to know—the good and the bad.

Tim believes his clients have hired him for his expertise, so that is exactly what he is committed to sharing. There is no pandering. No artifice. Just the unfiltered insights of a sharp marketing mind combined with the courage to tell his clients what they need to know. Because he understands that when clients place their trust in him, they simply deserve nothing less.

And that, my friends, is the sauce: TOTAL TRANSPARENCY. No corners cut. Maximum effectiveness. It’s a powerful and simple philosophy that time and time again yields awesome results in the marketplace.

Tim’s clients consistently sell their homes faster and for way more money than the average seller. Tim’s performance metrics consistently outperform market averages significantly. Since 2011, he has sold houses about four times faster and for about 3% more than the average agent.


Average Days on Market Since 2011
Tim: 19
Market Average: 74

+389% faster than average


Average Sale Price as % of List Price Since 2011
Tim: 99.5% of list price
Market Average: 96.7% of list price

+2.9% more money in the sellers’ pockets


*83% of clients are repeat/referral

Nationally, the average agent sells just 4 homes a year**; Tim typically sells around 30

source: Minneapolis Area Association of Realtors

**source: The CORE