Sometimes living in a single-family home can run its course. It’s all well and good for a while, sure, until one day you reach a point where you start to daydream about never, ever, ever again having to do yard work or shovel a driveway.  Or worry about replacing a roof, or painting siding, or a fence. If those don’t get you, maybe it happens when you are weeding that perennial garden for what seems like the 39,426thtime.  It’s right about at that time you realize that your jam is really townhouse living. 


This happens, of course, to many single-family homeowners at some point in time, and is essentially what Danielle began to experience at her lovely St. Louis Park mid-century rambler at 2418 Flag Avenue. But the transition would not be a simple one. It never is, and in Danielle’s case it would certainly be a challenge to get the house ready to market and accommodate the plethora of showings that the hot 2018 real-estate market would likely throw at her. As a single mother with two children with disabilities, ‘virtually impossible’ may be a better descriptor.  


Danielle’s situation called for a different approach. She really needed an easy sale that would carry minimal disruption, and hopefully, contract terms that would allow her some reasonable time to shop for a new townhouse. Nobody wants to feel the stress of buying in a rush in a seller’s market, and very few people relish the idea of moving into temporary housing to buy more time to shop.


Enter Tim, who has made it a regular part of his business for many years to solve his clients’ problems by thinking out of the box. In Danielle’s case, this meant marketing her home non-MLS.  


First, Tim provided some guidance on doing some light preparation to make the home show fairly well (but without going as far as would be recommended for an MLS house and the ‘days-on-market clock’ is ticking).  Next, Tim was able to identify agents currently working in the area with buyers who were highly motivated and had likely been on the recent losing end of bidding wars. They would be most appreciative of the opportunity to see the home, and also less likely to haggle in negotiations. What’s more, Tim was able to corral the highly targeted showings into times on the calendar that Danielle could more easily get the house ready and get everyone out—times that could be few and far between.  


This is in stark contrast to the mayhem you experienced a few years ago, when you hired an agent with a large team, a high-volume/low-service mentality and no common-sense vetting process. These people rushed you into a listing contract, offered you very little guidance and slapped your house on the MLS, opening it up for any agent to show to any warm body.  Chaos ensued, but no offers.


Whereas that process with the other agent was completely untenable and did not result in a sale, the process with Tim yielded 6 conveniently scheduled showings with highly likely buyers, and a contract with one of them that included a two-month rent-back agreement. How great was that?  This meant you had time to shop, and within a few weeks, you were able to jump on a great new townhouse listing, and you were able to accommodate that seller’s preferred closing date because you were not getting hastily kicked out of your house on Flag Avenue.


“Tim was able to accomplish the almost impossible. He was able to sell my house without having it on the market, sell it quickly, and for the price I expected,” Danielle said. “As a mother of two children with disabilities who has very little time, Tim was able to bring only serious buyers and schedule the showing around my busy life. Tim was even able to negotiate a rent-back deal with the buyers that would allow me to keep my children in their own school district until the end of the school year. When it came time to buy a new home, Tim did an amazing job listening to what I was looking for and limit the search to homes that met my expectations.  I would absolutely recommend Tim’s services.”


Fast-forward a couple months and what do you have? Cash in the bank and margaritas on the deck of your new townhome, of course! 


LIST PRICE: $325,000


SALE PRICE: $322,500




SOLD in April 2018


For complete photos and specs on this property please click here.


For more information on today’s market please email Tim at or call him at 612.327.7657.