“My husband and I had been working with a Realtor and looking for a house for several months. I had thought the process would be fun. After all, who doesn’t want to spend their time looking for what could be their first and hopefully final family home? This Realtor we had been working with had some communication issues and thoroughly believed that it takes five rejected offers to finally get one accepted. To me, I found it disheartening to fall in love with a home only to have it taken away until we hit that magic number.

We stuck with her for so long in part because a friend had given us the unfortunate advice that the Realtor didn’t really matter as they ‘mostly just did the paperwork.’ The problem with that notion is that it’s completely untrue. In fact, I cannot think of something further from the truth.

We realized, though not quickly enough, that we needed someone to act as a guide, someone who can dig deep to figure out what a seller needs in order to close a deal. We needed a solid communicator who wasn’t afraid to think outside the box of normalcy when it comes to realty.

It was night and day, and I’m happy to say that it took us less than a week to find a home and have an offer accepted with Tim. In case you missed it, let me repeat that: it took us less than a week to find and have an offer accepted with Tim after months of searching. Tim has been warm, intelligent, extremely communicative and such a pleasure to work with.

I always joke that I felt a little robbed only searching for a house for a week because it meant less time with Tim! One thing I love is that he has never hesitated to get on the phone to explain something if we needed clarification. For a first-timer, home buying can seem daunting, but it has never felt that way with Tim. I can’t imagine working with anyone but him and have loudly made sure everyone around me knows it… just in case they’re in the market for an incredible Realtor.”

–Katherine Carlson, 12711 11th Avenue North, Plymouth


MARKET TIME: Locked up for the buyer in under 24 hours from hitting the market

SOLD: March 2018

For more information on today’s market and how Tim helps buyers like this compete in this historically low-inventory market, please email Tim at tsipprell@kw.com or call him at 612.327.7657.