It’s funny how in life sometimes the best-laid plans can change. You nail down your MBA at the prestigious Wharton School of Business, move half-way across the country and enter the world of packaged goods marketing at a prestigious blue-chip Fortune 500 company, and buy your first house and have your first child with your beautiful bride in a neighborhood you didn’t really know when you came here, but grew to love after your Realtor thought it may be a great fit based on your wish list.

You’re barely two years in, still getting to know and fall in love with your new house and new town and still discovering good fly-fishing spots, and suddenly someone offers you a sweet gig running the Easter candy business at a certain company in Pennsylvania very well-known for chocolate. What to do, what to do? The Easter Bunny is really cute, your lovely new baby is already a toddler, and the new gig would bring you closer to extended family. Which means that a call to the aforementioned Realtor can’t be far away…

“Tim, we love this house and we just love Minneapolis, but we’re going to head back East and we want to sell the house…fast.” 

No problem.

But still, you’re a little anxious. You are aware the housing market has been great for sellers–Tim has been keeping in updated on the market since you bought the home. And although you have taken good care of the home and replaced the old deck with a sick new one, you know the house is not really show-ready at the moment. You wonder, will we have to do a bunch of work? How long will this take? And will we potentially be losing some money after commissions and closing costs here since we just bought it two years ago?

But you know you are in good hands. Tim has been selling homes lightening fast since you’ve met him. Still you worry that you may have to replace counters and redo the enamel on the cabinets in the kitchen–they’re a little more beat up than they were when you bought. And the hardwood floors, among other things, may not be ready for a sale. And it’s October, how long will this take!?!? You know you don’t want to miss the fall market. 

Tim gets his stager over there faster than a Jimmy John’s delivery man, and once they comb through the house and put their heads together, their recipe is simpler than you feared. A little repair to the yard, a little fresh paint, some touch-ups and new carpet upstairs… but don’t worry, Tim already knows just the fantastic inexpensive carpet to go with, and he has a guy that can put it in within a week. He puts it in, and you follow Tim’s lead and enamel the woodwork upstairs. It looks totally different now up there, in the best of ways. The other projects, you hire a little more help for some, and tackle the rest yourself over a few days like a beast while your wife and child ship off to their new destination. Those rust-colored shutters on the front of the house? Yeah, the stager says “paint them navy” and you do, and you suddenly appreciate your house again on a whole new level–it’s curb appeal is maximized. It’s gorgeous. 

The work is done, the clutter is shipped out and you hand the keys to Tim and follow your wife and child East.

Six days later, it’s sold with a quick close and a little profit to boot. 

And because you are one of the coolest clients ever, you have decided there is one more thing you do–drop your agent a nice little love note on Zillow.

“Tim really knows the Minneapolis home market… he knew what we wanted better than we did ourselves! He suggested the Kenny neighborhood in South Minneapolis, where we bought a great older home that we loved. Two years later, when our family had to relocate out of state, Tim helped us sell our beloved house in a hurry. Thanks to his smart staging tips and networking, we sold the house in (six) days and came out ahead. Tim has an MBA and it shows. His thoughtful analysis, masterful project-management skills and no-nonsense approach to negotiations made both the buying and selling process easy for us.”

And just so you know, because you trusted your Realtor and did a great job following his lead and pulling the house together for said sale, your Realtor feels exactly the same. Your Realtor would like to thank you for putting your trust in him, and wants you to know that every minute of this process was his pleasure.


LIST PRICE: $349,900

SALE PRICE: $355,000


SOLD November 2017

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