After nearly a decade at 4416 Curve, this growing family of five was ready for a new, larger home. Although the home was in a great neighborhood and had some really wonderful spaces, selling it “as is” would mean the sellers would likely lose the opportunity to take full advantage of the hot sellers market they found themselves in, potentially missing out on tens of thousands of extra dollars from the ultimate sale price. Very little had been done to improve the home over the years, and the wonderful young children who came of age here left their mark! With little time or interest in putting a lot of money and energy into getting the house ready for sale, Tim was charged with coming up with a convenient, low-cost plan that would make a big impact on buyers. Something the sellers could execute without too much disruption to their busy lives, yet significant enough to move the needle for buyers.

After Tim was able to help the sellers secure a fabulous new home, double the size of 4416 Curve, and the sellers moved out, it was go-time. Utilizing his remodeling know-how and contractor connections, Tim was able to help the sellers easily implement a roughly $10,000 refresh and staging plan that he had devised, which easily added $50,000 plus to the final sale price. The entire house was repainted in today’s colors. Kitchen cabinets got new doors. The enamel on the woodwork was freshened throughout the home. Some repairs were made. And the house was staged to perfection for a very affordable fee through one of Tim’s staging partners. In fact, the listing contract was signed for $575,000 when the plan was hatched. But after the work was complete and the stagers put their finishing touches on the property, Tim and the sellers decided an asking price of $599,900 was worth a shot because the house showed so well. With only four days on the market, two offers were made, and it sold for $610,000.

And to think, a number of agents who showed the home thought it was overpriced. Well, maybe ‘on paper’ given the square footage and room sizes, it may have seemed a bit overpriced. But this listing was yet another example in a long line of examples that if you have a fundamentally sound home in an appealing area and you give it the designer’s touch and create something with emotional appeal that buyers really love, they will pay a premium to get it.

“We couldn’t be happier with how everything turned out,” the sellers said. “Your advice was always spot-on. Thank you for always taking the time to do all the little extras to help us out. We knew we could count on you.”


LIST PRICE: $599,900

SALE PRICE: $610,000


SOLD July 2017

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