This fortunate seller got a steal on this property when it was being sold out of foreclosure in 2012 and stood to gain nearly $100,000 as he contemplated selling and moving his growing family into a larger renovated 2-story. The trick was to prep the house for maximum return. Then there was the matter of the ‘dream house’ house he wanted to BUY. THAT seller would need to be convinced to take a contingent offer.

Conventional wisdom in today’s market is that contingent offers ‘are never done these days.’ But Tim convinced his client to write one so he could try and get the house he wanted. It was a great house, but it had sat on the market for a week without selling, so just maybe there was a chance, right?

The pitch was simple: the house Tim’s client would be selling was in a hot price point and area, and Tim was going to position him to sell it right away—a sure thing. It’s times like this that it is nice to be able to boast a track record of selling homes 20 days or less on average over the last five years. Tim shared his listing data and staging plan with the sellers of the ‘dream house,’ and they decided to sign Tim’s client’s contingent offer.

No doubt, it takes a little luck to run into a seller willing to entertain a contingent offer, but it’s not all luck. Tim made a compelling case, and was able to negotiate that the contingency could not be called for 28 days—enough time for his client to prep house, get a quick sale and get through the inspection contingency. It worked. After executing Tim’s staging plan, which included paint, de-cluttering, some minor repairs, and some new accessories (some of which Tim was able to access in his personal staging accessories inventory), the seller was ready to list. Two days later, the house sold for over $20,000 more than one with an identical floor plan across the street had sold for less than two months prior. Ten days later, the inspection period was cleared. On the 28th day, Tim’s client was able to remove the contingency on the purchase of his awesome new home, call the moving companies, and move on with the packing.

LIST PRICE: $269,900

SALE PRICE: $280,000


sold in 2017

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